Wood Rack

by Ian
(Edmonton AB Canada. )

I had a welder buddy build this rack for me. It’s 12’x6’ and is 2 sided. Right now it’s full and both sides will be ready to burn in the fire pit in the summer. But as soon as one side is empty I will fill it so I can always have wood to burn. The rack is a couple inches off the ground and faces south on the yard so it gets full sun which really helps the drying.

I never cover the pile. I understand the theory but rain will not soak in to any great extent and will be completely gone the next time it’s sunny and/or windy. For me anyway I only use my firewood in the summer on nice nights so if it gets rained or snowed on it does not matter to me. Covering the pile really limits the sun and wind a wood pile can get. The most important thing is to stack it so air can get through the stack when the wind blows at it.

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