Wood Pellet Stoves

Wood Pellet Stoves are a relatively modern development in the field of home heating. They take a standardised pellet fuel, usually delivered either loose in bulk, or in 20kg sacks on a pallet. Because the pellets are all evenly sized they can be fed in a measured and controlled manner to a hot, small fire.

Pellet Stove Advantages

  • Automated fuelling
  • Cleaner within the home than firewood
  • Computer controlled - eg on and off at specific times
  • Can supply hot water
  • Less frequent fuelling
  • Consistent fuel compared to variable firewood

The ability to store large quantities of fuel in a separate hopper which automatically feeds the fire is very convenient in a household setting. The wood pellets themselves are a clean and efficient way to store and handle wood fuel.

Pellet stoves are supplied by various manufacturers with a range of sizes and design features depending on what the customer needs. Wood pellet boilers are used to provide a whole home solution including water based central heating, and hot water. They can be installed in a basement or outbuilding

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are clean, easy to store and easy to handle.

Wood pellet inserts can be installed into a traditional fireplace and some have attractive glass doors so that the flames can be seen - a definite aesthetic plus. If you are concerned about dirt, twigs and other detritus messing up the inside of your home then the pellets themselves will be particularly appealing. In many situations wood pellet stoves can be a viable alternative to fossil fuels for all you home energy needs - this is particularly true for people who live far from mains gas, where expensive oil deliveries are the norm. In the past few years wood pellet prices started off cheap, but have tracked up to nearly match mains gas prices. However, this is expected to fall again as more large scale wood pellet manufacturers open up around the UK.