Uses For Firewood Ashes

by Mike

If you use stoves regularly you will quickly build up a lot of firewood ashes. Here are a few ideas for how you can use them:

  • As a general garden fertilizer
  • - sprinkle them thinly directly on your lawn or garden beds, or apply more heavily around fruit canes and trees. The rain will wash a thin layer in quite quickly.

  • As a drive and path deicer
  • - wood ash breaks down ice in the same way salt does. Spread it on snow and ice to clear the way.

  • Feed tomato plants
  • - Tomatoes are notoriously hungry for nutrients. When you plant them put half a cup of ashes in the hole.

  • Ash is a mild abrasive
  • - ashes on a damp cloth can polish brass or clean soot off the inside of glass door of your stove.

  • Add a small amount regularly to your compost heap
  • - sprinkle some ashes lightly on your compost heap when you add to it. The nutrients will improve your compost. Don't over do it or your compost may suffer.

  • Block slugs and snails
  • - they don't like crossing ash or charcoal. Spread a heavier ring around vulnerable plants to prtect them.

      If you have more tips please share them in the comments!

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Nov 24, 2012
*Chicken coop NEW
by: Anonymous

First outside, i make a line on the ground against the wall, this keeps some bugs away from it. Then in the inside i throw it all around or make a small hill of ash and let the chickens do the job. This makes an enviroment friendly to my chickens and a hell for the bugs.

It is also used in the chickens dust bath to help the chickens clean themselfs of the bugs.

*Clean ash.Only if you use clean wood in your stove to be sure that the ashes are clean too. Respect your chickens and dont throw stinky burned garbage in the coop. They might eat anything you have thrown with those ashes.

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