Tipping firewood stacks? Easy To fix!

by Will

Hello All

If you have a pile of wood that has a lean to it, or is just needs a few adjustments it is quite easy to tap it back into place one log at time:

As the wood stove wizard says : "With your head down stacking away it is quite easy to not notice that a pile is growing out of line, and once it has gone away from vertical it is next to impossible to fix it without taking the stack apart and starting again. "

Or a perfectly vertical stack of greenwood may start to tip as it shrinks and settles.

Happens to me every time I stack a big row! But it is quite easy and quick to fix if you are CAREFUL!

Just pick up a medium to large log and tap the cord wood pile into place. The tapping moves one or two pieces at time and does not destabilize the pile. Just work gradually and you will have the whole pile right where you want it very quickly.

If you have a Very serious lean, move the pile gradually! Each log gets tapped in only an inch or two at a time. Move the whole leaning pile and inch or two at most in each pass, then do it again til the whole lean is corrected. In other words if you have a six inch lean, don't try and move each log six inches all at once or your pile will fall over ON YOU! Easy does it. It is very easy and even kind of fun to do this. I have rescued many tall rows of cordwood this way! Good luck!

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