Steel Rails for Stacking

by Crash325
(Tucson, AZ USA)

Almost 1/2 Cord

Almost 1/2 Cord

In my part of the world any wood laying on the ground will be attacked by termites and or other types of critters. Most trees are attacked soon after the start to grow. I put some old pipe, or other scrap steel down to stack on. Keeps out most critters except a spider now and then. I also like 2 end posts at each end and often stack 4 to 6' high.

Hi Crash325
Thanks for your comments - I hadn't really thought about the need for metal rails. Here in the UK we don't have those problems. Of termites and other critters.

Rails generally are a good idea as they keep the lower levels of your firewood stack from absorbing moisture from the ground. Wood can act like an excellent sponge when in contact with the soil. We have access to coppice poles from our woodland and once our felling license comes through we'll be using those pretty much exclusively for both bottom rails and end posts. Chestnut can last 50 years in the ground so should be fine for the purpose!

Some people also suggest using a layer of well draining gravel or broken concrete chunks. If you can afford to lay a thick layer of gravel down over a large area it will also help keep down weeds!

Incidentally, how are those horseshoes connected to each other? Spot welded? Looks really nice!

All the best

Mike -

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Feb 04, 2011
Free Horse Shoes
by: crash325

Hi Mike,
Be happy to give you a bunch of old horse shoes. Just stop by & pick them up. They are a little heavy to mail out. Bunch of Bucks or Pounds if sent to GB.

Have started on instructions. Its so simple that I don't think they are really needed. Will Post some pictures and that should pretty much take care of it.

Current construction project is a "Log Splitter". Had it working, but found a weak spot, so that is being changed. It did split several very hard 8 / 10" before the problem showed up.

More Later

Feb 04, 2011
I'd love it - might even get my own welder out
by: Mike

Hi Jim,

You know that would be great! My own welder (a cheap stick one) has been sitting around for a while and could use a project too.

I presume you have a ready supply of old horse shoes as well?


Jan 17, 2011
Horse shoe wood rack
by: crash325

Hi Mike,
I am thinking about posting some pictures and directions for the wood rack. A simple & easy project. Good way to freshen up stale welding skills.

If you like the idea let me know.

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