Steamer Question

by Dick

I have a wood stove in a vacation home -- when the stove is not being used for a few weeks at a time should I keep water in the cast iron steamer pot or empty it?

Hi Dick,

I can't see any harm one way or the other. The steamer will only help the humidity when the stove is running, as the heat from the stove is what drives evaporation.

Personally we don't use one any more, simply because we don't mind the feeling of the slightly drier air. It is fine once you get used to it, but this varies depending on people's skin. People with naturally dry or weaker skin might fell less comfortable.

We don't usually notice much difference between having the central heating running or the fire lit either - the air seems equally dry - but with the steamer on the fire we can actually do something about it.


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Nov 25, 2013
Empty the steamer? NEW
by: Anonymous

I would empty the steamer, as if it's steel or cast iron, it will tend to rust if water is left in it. Depending on your water, it could also start getting nast inside from minerals in the water...

Nov 27, 2013
Steamer - empty or full NEW
by: Dick

I did decide to empty and dry out the steamer when it is not in use for weeks at a time -- makes sense to not have the water in it -- no rust, no minerals from the water. So far it seems to be working well as long as I dry it out when I empty it.

Thanks for your comments.

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