Stacking Wood Between Trees : Not Such A Good Idea

by John Hess
(Atlanta MI.)

This may sound like a great idea but think about what happens to those trees when the wind blows; "they move". I spent two to three hrs stacking a buitiful pile of wood between two trees got done it looked great. Well, got the wood splitter put away and picked up all our stuff was heading back to the house turned around one last time to admire my work a gust of wind come up the trees swayed a couple times and you know that feeling you get in your stomach just before something gose wrong. Right before my eye was a butiful pile of firewood laying on the ground.

If you use trees use big ones and dont stack very high. I have been cutting firewood for over 25 yrs learn something new everyday.

Hi John, thanks for your comment. Stacking between trees has a certain appeal but there are other problems with it that those you have mentioned:

Firewood stacked directly against the tree bark can damage the tree, both while the tree shifts in the wind and as the stack settles and dries.

One thing you could try when you are felling is to leave to trees cut higher than normal that you can stack between. Without the leaves they won't sway in the wind.

Personally I'll be using stakes driven in to the ground when I stack timber next week; you can position them exactly where you want them rather than relying on nature to provide convenient trees!

All the best, and safe splitting!


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Jun 14, 2011
stacking problems and solutions
by: Greenwood

Right - stacking between trees is limited. I did it once and the wood collapsed as the tall pines blew in the wind and the wood shifted. If using the stack-between-the trees method, only go about 4 feet high. The swaying of the trees usually won't cause it to fall apart at that low height.

Check out article on Popular Mechanics web site about stacking wood. While I usually use the time consuming end towers approach, they suggest a combination of 2x4s and rope. Rather interesting and think I'll give it a try on a cord next year. Usually burn 3+ cords/winter

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