Sotz Barrel Stove Kit

by Steve Hall

SOTZ Barrel stove with home made controller

SOTZ Barrel stove with home made controller

Many years ago I built a double barrel stove using a kit manufactured by SOTZ. My understanding is they are no longer in business. This kit was not as pleasing to the eye as some of the current cast iron kits available today. It was made using stamped metal. They also offered a catalytic combustor(not converter).

This stove was very airtight and efficient, with the cat installed between the top and the bottom barrel. I had it in my basement on a concrete floor. Under the bottom barrel it was never that hot, as long you left a layer of ashes. The top would reach very high temps without ever having a flame in it. I insulated the rafters above with steel sheeting. There would not be any smoke coming from the chimney, only steam, as the cat would burn it. I had the stove for 9 years before I left the house.

As to the longevity of the barrels, if there is no excessive moisture in the air the barrels will last a long time. The secret is to start with good quality barrels. As with every wood stove you should inspect prior to every heating season. When I was a child we would burn our trash in 55 gallon barrels and they would last several years out in the weather.

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Oct 11, 2010
Thanks for the comment
by: Mike


Thanks for your comment - I hadn't actually come across the SOTZ brand before so it was interesting. The company appears to have been defunct for a while now as there is very little evident on the web. I did find one site that offers replacement catalytic combustors though, which look like they could be easily integrated to a diy stove to give a useful efficiency boost.

I took the liberty of adding a SOTZ photo to your post- is it representative of what they looked like?


Oct 15, 2010
by: Steve Hall

Mike, That is the cat system that you could buy, but the legs are different and I can't tell about the door. My stove also had a SOTZ automatic draft control on the door.

Nov 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have been using a double barrel sotz since the winter of 1986/7 till 2003. Heating a shop of 2500' with 13'6" ceilings 8" fibreglass batt insulation and 3 brick thick brick walls, concrete floor flue 6" straight through wood framed flat roof 3' metal bestus with cap @ roof.

The first barrels were thin oil barrels 20gage which I replaced the in the 2nd year with 16 gage wall, 18 gage lids and bottoms open top with leverlock rings. I used this for 15 years with a fire burning continuesly fall too spring. Had a catalytic converter in the top barrel which was replaced once in that time, which I would like to have again if someone has a source?

I like a straight flue no damper; easy to clean 1 maybe 2 times a year whenever the stove seems sluggish too get hot not breathing with a stick or pc of conduit. The upper barrel catches all the soot, open the lid and clean it out when the time is right no fire or wind.

A rain cap for the summer time to keep the rain out, in the winter the hot fire will evaporate the water.

This year I got 2/85gal overpack 16 gauge drums which will take 39+" logs. I'm just burning the paint off the bottom barrel now I'm so excited...28"x40"made too hold a 55 only 1" larger in radius the ussc kit fits good...

With all wood stoves/fireplaces it is necessary to be prudent, alert and safe. Never keep your fire extinguishers empty. A convenient garden hose can do wonders very quickly as well as a firebucket with water in it at the approprate moment, god forbid that it be necessary, but good "to be prepaired" smoke detector and dog... knock on wood and may god bless, be warm!

Dec 06, 2010
Some thoughts...
by: Mike

I hope you don't mind that I tweaked you comment to make it a little more readable. It sounds like you have a good setup, it must save a lot of time to be able to burn such long logs. Much less processing to be done.

How long do you season your logs for before burning? Such large lengths probably need to full years to be seasoned.

Do you add some extra air into the secondary drum promote secondary combustion?

All the best,


May 24, 2011
found an old barral ith sotz kit
by: pine

we found an old barral ith the sotzkit attached . we dont need it and ant to know if anyone would be interested. I guess you could somehow zip off the kit and legs and doors and stuff and reattach to new barral. well write back on this blog if anyone is interested we live in Albuquerque, NM

Aug 20, 2011
by: Al_In_Illinois

Beacuse you can no longer buy this kit new, I am interested in the sotz door and legs that you found. I would be willing to buy it from you and pay shipping cost's.

Nov 27, 2011
using "old Brutus" to keep warm
by: JR

I had a "Sotz" double 55 barrell stove at my airport operation here in the midwest and now that I have relocated I foolishly let that "Sotz get away from me. and I cant find another, but I used that old Brutus for fifteen years in a workshop that was 40 by 40.....kept our coffee cups warm and sure got rid of any kind of consumable laying around the shop. Needed to be cleaned out a couple time a year, but our gas furnaces rarely turned on. At the time I shut down and moved, the barrells were in perfect shape. I have yet to find a competetive brand as good as that old Sotz. At my home here in the midwest I have a thirty gallon double in the basement with a cat unit in the upper barrell and I am as happy as a fat pig laying in the sunshine with it...sure wish Sotz was back in business.

Dec 03, 2011
by: Harvey

I sure wish someone had bought the Sotz product line. over the years I have built at least 6 Sotz barrel stove kits for friends. We had one in our camp in VT, and in 2 hrs. we would have to open a window. I had the auto draft regulator & it worked like a charm. No problem keeping a 12 x 16 uninsulated camp warm at 208 below zero. Also built their garden cart in 1981 & it is still going strong. If anyone has an old Sotz kit for sale I will pay + shipping, as I would like to build a wood fired hot tub. Merry Christmas, Harvey

Dec 18, 2011
love mine!
by: tim

ive had a sotz kit for 20 years, used it in the garage for years. My stove cracked in the house in the midle of heating season so i pulled old faithful from the garage and couldnt beleve the heat differance! needless to say, it stayed in the house to this day, just replaced barell with a plate steel box stove got at the scrap yard and back to wonderful heat! I would love to find the auto draft control for the door, anyone has one let me know.

Dec 22, 2011
Double Barrel Sotz
by: Wayne

I still have a kit but havn't used it for at least 35 yrs but don't think i want to part with it even have a paper from Sotz which looks old which i guess it is there a great kit loved it when i use it keep thinking i'll put it in a pole barn if i ever get one built. also have the monster mull from them they have some good reading in that old paper which is starting to get hard to read lol.
ps suppose i could take pictures if u would like me too.

Dec 23, 2011
sotz paper
by: tim

Wayne,is that the paper with all the stove burning and operation facts? also had firewood info etc. If so, is there any chance of a copy? Had one years ago and of course cant find it.Thanks!

Dec 23, 2011
by: Wayne

Yes Tim thats the paper looks like a news paper with lots of info i'd give u a copy if i can figure out how to do it electroniclly maybe if i take pictures of it, let me know if u have any idea's


Dec 23, 2011
by: tim

Ill have to think on that one wayne, dont know how a digital pic would come out. thought maybe some of our stove dealers would have a copy floating around but havent had any luck yet!

Dec 24, 2011
any interest?
by: mark

I had a Sotz double barrel heater back in the 70's and ended up trading it for a horse drawn scoop. I sure wish I'd kept it. I later worked with a girl named Sotz here in Cleveland she was related to the uncle who had the business in Columbia Station, Ohio. I am now in the fabricating business and would love to start making some heater kits if there was enough interest in them again. I may even be able to contact the girl and get some more info/ drawings from her if they exist or if I could get a hold of a sample heater I could copy it. I remember the door being stamped out and it fit the frame really good to make a good seal. I don't remember it having an automatic thermostat or draft control just a opening that you could open and close that had a channel on the back to keep the flame or embers from falling out. My e mail is ***removed*** Let me know if there is any interest in producing these again. just don't expect the 29.00 price that was 30+ years ago.

Hi Mark,

I've removed your email address - posting emails on the internet is an invitation to spam unfortunately.


Jan 14, 2012
Need UL List number
by: tim

I need UL Listing for my Stoz stove for insurance. Does anyone have any info for me?
Was originally UL tested by RF Gossor, Engineers in 70's or 80's

Jan 16, 2012
by: Wayne

Hey Tim i found some info on (RF Gossor)Which in my paper it's RF Geisser & Assoc., Consulting Engineers,professional reports dated 8-1-79 4-4-80, and 6-23-81,tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories Standard 1482, "Standard for Solid Fuel Type Room Heaters", adopted on 5-29-79 I'll skip a pargraph and type a little more till i hear from you
Stability Test:
This unit exceeds the established stability factor.
Fire Tests: Test Results:
Radiant, single barrel Passed
Brand,single barrel Passed
Flash,single barrel Passed
Brand,double barrel Passed
Flash,double barrel Passed
Hope this helps let me know if You want more

Jan 29, 2012
Sotz stove
by: Scott Lewis

I had a Sotz double 55 gallon heater in Georgia back in the seventies.
What a champion that thing was! Rated at 250,000 btu.
Mine did not have any kind of thermostat. There was a three inch circular flap held on with a bolt, on the front top of the door. You could just adjust that flap for air control.
Very effective air control.

Man I loved that huge Sotz and that 32 inch long firebox.

That heater had an 11 inch square door.

In the early eighties I bought the other Sotz kit. It had a smaller, round door. I got an old well pressure tank and installed this kit on it.
This was a 30 gallon steel barrel, much thicker steel than the 55 gallon. This too was a very good wood heater, much bigger firebox than most wood stoves.

In the eighties I bought a Monster Maul from Sotz and still use it regularly, it is the best maul ever made.

I wish somebody would revive the old Sotz line I loved their products.

Scott Lewis
Marshall NC

Feb 11, 2012
sotz kit
by: Anonymous

I still have a sotz kit on a stove that I built like a barrell stove out of 2 casings from cut offs from an elevator shaft. I have been using it for almost 20 years but the door is beginning to show it's age. Wish I could get a new door I would get another 20 years from the stove providing I live that long which I doubt I will lol. I am in Nova Scotia canada and if someone would ship me a door I would be most happy and willing to pay as well. My email addy is

Feb 19, 2012
I am in possesion of SOTZ NEW OLD STOCK
by: The Sotz Guy

Hi all I came across this page by searching out friends of all things Sotz. I am a very lucky man to have stumbled across an old warehouse full of SOTZ products from monster mauls to barrel kits to log rollers and many other SOTZ products. I have sold through an ebay seller about 30 monster mauls through last winter. Our partnership was dissolved and I am now on my own. If your looking for somthing Sotz email me at

Feb 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Sotz Guy

I sent you an email. I am interested in your old Sotz stuff.

Feb 20, 2012
my sotz list
by: The Sotz Guy

Hi again I said I'd post a list of the Sotz products I have for sale here it is. Sotz wood stove tools 60.00
Sotz auto-draft damper control 100.00. Sotz catalytic combusters complete hardware 115.00. Sotz replacement catalytic combusters 6" 100.00. Sotz wood bundlers 25.00. Sotz barrel cook tops 20.00. Sotz lift-n-saw 75.00. Sotz log roller 60.00. Sotz lawn and garden cart 300.00. Sotz monster mauls 100.00-115.00. After opening the boxes I discovered that the barrel stove kits were volgozang I will post these tomorrow.

Feb 21, 2012
Vogolzang wood stoves
by: the Sotz guy

Here is a list of the vogolzang stove kits I have available. BK50 double barrel adapter kit 50.00. BK100E barrel stove kit 70.00. BK150E barrel stove kit 90.00.

Feb 21, 2012
by: Scott Lewis

No Sotz kits?
Wie schade.

Feb 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

$100 for a wood splitting maul?????

Feb 21, 2012
by: Scott Lewis

A hundred bucks is high, even for the legendary Monster Maul.

Feb 21, 2012
sotz stuff
by: sotz guy

Ok easy does it let me explain a couple of things to you. I purchased three skids full of Sotz products yes I did say purchased a year and a half ago I did so because I to loved there products I also knew that thousands of others did too so I seen an opportunity and jumped on it. The fellow I partnered with was indeed getting 127.00 for the monster maul that is a fact that can easily be checked their were a number of them sold. Their are reasons why people are willing to pay the price besides the fact that 30 bucks back when isn't 30 today it is still the best maul ever made and then theirs the nostalgic value this maul can be relied on for 25 plus years 4 dollars a year for such a tool is exceptional. That being said I truly do apologize if anyone felt misled on the barrel kits they were in bigger boxes with the Sotz logo and marked barrel kits I naturally thought they were Sotz so again I am sorry for that.
Know that I came to this blog to offer for sale some of the best products ever made in the U.S.A. What are the chances of another guy finding what I did.

Feb 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

I guess some people have money to burn!!!!

Mar 20, 2012
sotz advert.
by: Anonymous

just out of interest...and also look page 170

Jun 03, 2012
Need Help!
by: Scott

Does anyone know where i can find one of these kits?? please help!!!!!

Sep 09, 2012
Sotz monster
by: Anonymous

I wish I could post a pic of my stove. I've got a Sotz door. My set up is on an old gas water heater barrel. I don't ever see it wearing out

Oct 10, 2012
Owned a Sotz
by: Roger

Back in the early 80's I saw an ad for the Sotz kit in an issue of the Mother Earth News. I purchased a Sotz kit, got a heavy gauge steel barrel and put it to use in my basement. Used old skids in place of logs and my heating bill in January the first year was only $11.00. I was so pleased with its efficiency and continued to use it for years. Thinking I could easily purchase another with no problem I gave it away to a friend. Now looking for another and so sad to learn that the company ia out of business.

Nov 21, 2012
by: ed baragiola

been using a sotz double barrel stove to heat my house since 1978. same house, same kit, same barrels. and i split the wood with a sotz maul. both the stove components and the maul are among the best elegantly engineered tools i have ever seen.

Nov 21, 2012
sotz stove
by: mike b

I came across your site and thought I'd see if I could help out. I grew up with Steve Sotz. Steve is the son of Len Sotz the inventor and manufacturer of all the Sotz products including the stove and mauls. It is correct that they are no longer in business. I grew up in the town of valley city, Ohio. The sotz's were my neighbors. The company was located in Columbia station, Ohio. Mr. Sotz is long retired but I still speak with him. I do remember speaking with him once about the products he made. I recall he mentioned a local company here in Ohio that makes parts and kits for his products. If anyone is interested I could speak to him and find out. You can contact me at

Nov 26, 2012
by: Lucky

I am still using my double barrel Sotz Burner. I have had it since 1985. It's in my basement, with an aluminum dog house surrounding it. This is hooked into the back of the furnace ductwork. Heats the entire house!

Feb 10, 2013
Sotz veteran
by: Anonymous

We bought our house in 1982 and were so broke that I charged a new Sotz double barrel kit and some stove pipe on a credit card. Bought 2 barrels at the local scrap yard and put it together. I had a wife and 2 little girls. I stayed up very late that first nite keeping the stove going, not knowing for sure if it would be enough to heat our 24 by 40 foot ranch house (with a basement underneath.) It's now Feb 10, 2013 and I am still using the same stove with the same barrels. I know its hard to believe but as long as you follow their directions and leave at least 3 inches of ash in the bottom they wont burn out. They designed the 3inch opening for the air intake small enough that the stove would not get enough air to overheat. I have replaced some of the 6 inch stove pipe over the years but not the barrels and the stove does an excellent job of heating the house. It is truly the wisest investment I ever made with a charge card. If no one is home I load it full once in the morning and once at night. I wish I knew why they went out of business. I have searched the web for years trying to find out what happened to them. They had a monthly newspaper with tips on how to dry wet wood, how to split it, all kinds of things. They were such a great company. Wish they were still around. This poor boy really benefited from their knowledge. Im looking at the old stove now as I speak. The door design is still much superior to anything on the market now with its built in pre-heat chamber.

May 11, 2013
New Sotz Production?
by: Anonymous

Hey all - I found this site with a search for "Sotz" and am hoping others wii also. I'm interested in obtaining an unassembled 55 gallon-size kit to use for a pattern. I'd like to get them remade and sell them as parts - or as a kit if the regulations allow.
I just missed one on eBay that sold for $40. I have contacts that can get the parts sourced - just need an example.
Sotz made a 30 gallon and a 55 gallon kit - and I think the double barrel kit may have been an add-on.
Anyhow - any info appreciated. Of course, it doesn't have to be new...just good enough to use for a pattern.
-Any ideas as to whether it would be a patent infringement? These have been out of production for so long that I doubt that would be the case. Any discussion welcome.

May 12, 2013
Double Barrel
by: Scott Lewis

To make the double barrel stove, you first made the single barrel 55 gallon stove.
Then, you cut a 6 inch hole in the back lower part of the second barrel. Then you put the legs on it.
They had a little fitting, like a little five inch long piece of stove pipe, that connected the two barrels.
Then you cut a hole in the front, top of the top barrel, and you attached your regular 6 inch stove pipe to that.

So that, you had two identical barrels, on on top of the other, and parallel to each other.
The wood was only burned in the bottom barrel. The smoke came out of the bottom barrel, and went into the back of the top barrel, and went out through the front of the top barrel.
In this way the smoke had to travel the entire length of the top barrel.
It was an efficient heat exchanger. One barrel was 150K btu, and the top barrel added 90K more.

Oct 06, 2013
by: R De Lawter

I built a Sotz kit barrel stove around 1980 and used it for 9 years in a large shop and gave it to an employee when I shut the shop. Been trying to buy it back for years but he is yet to sell it back. I still have the set of tools for the stove that they made. ( I am looking for a kit also.)

Oct 25, 2013
Save money and get exercise
by: George

Just found my spring 1985 sotz news bulletin,has many items inside 20 pages of great items.I bought my kit,4 legs,collar for flu pipe and front door,and installed on a 30 gal drum in 1984.I am still using the original drum today,had a couple burnout holes that I patched with welded metal.I bought this kit to heat my indoor garage and when I saw the temperture go to 120 degrees insde my garage I realized I had to circulate that heat.As luck would have it there is a heater duct above my barrell to heat the garage.I took a extra furnace blower and mounted above barrell attached to the ductwork and mounted a blower motor to it and every morning in fall and winter I fre up the barrell and run the fan all day and heat the whole house.the temp in the house is constant 72-75 degrees.Last winter I used onlt 2" of fuel oil from 2-275 gal tanks or about 12 in western pa.I only buy fuel oil every 4-5 years.I burn about 2 chords of firewood and cut up about 100 pallets for use on days when temps go to 50-60.just to take chill out.very good exercise going up and down steps to load every 2-3 hours.Best investment I ever made.

Oct 25, 2013
Sotz stove experience.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your post.
I for one sure enjoyed reading about your experiences with Sotz Kits.

Jan 31, 2014
My Sotz NEW
by: Ron

I built my Sotz in 1984. I used a very old and extra heavy walled 55 gal. bottom barrel. Standard weight top barrel. I also bought and installed the Sotz Autodraft.
The stove has been in use every winter untill December 2013. I had to remove/replace it because my home-ownner's insurance would not approve a barrel stove!
After 28&1/2 years use both barrels are stil in very good shape!
Out of spite, I retrofitted the Sotz door with the Autodraft onto the replacement wood stove!

Feb 01, 2014
to Ron NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Ron since your Ins wouldnt cover your stove SELL IT TO ME

Feb 01, 2014
Sotz Kit for Sale NEW
by: Scott Lewis

Guys here is a brand new Sotz kit for sale on ebay for $79 plus shipping. Looks good to me.
I have nothing to do with this sale.

Feb 01, 2014
Sotz Kit for Sale NEW
by: Scott Lewis

Guys here is a brand new Sotz kit for sale on ebay for $79 plus shipping. Looks good to me.
I have nothing to do with this sale.

Feb 01, 2014
Sotz Kit for Sale NEW
by: Scott Lewis

Guys here is a brand new Sotz kit for sale on ebay for $79 plus shipping. Looks good to me.
I have nothing to do with this sale.

Dec 15, 2014
Ive got sotz kits NEW
by: Anonymous

Got two of these stoves with two thermostats they have worked for years and don't burn out the barrels. Dad made me make two when I was a teenager and we have used one for the last 33 years. The China made stoves work ok but they are definitely not a sotz. And if you can find one you won't be sorry to own one. People have tried to buy mine for years.

Dec 16, 2014
thermostats NEW
by: Anonymous

Sure wish i could find some of those round thermostats to control air on the sotz door, there was a guy selling some nos sotz stock he stumbled into and was trying to rip people off at $100 for one! Oh well guess ill have to rig up my own design. There is an amish guy in the holmes county area of ohio that is making the doors just like the sotz doors, and some other woodburning items, If I can find his information Ill post it.

Dec 16, 2014
Sotz auto draft NEW
by: sotzguy

Hi folks, been a while since ive posted I wanted to let you know I have reduced my price on the sotz auto draft im now selling them at $60.00 I hope im not still reguarded as a rip off by some of you, please remember I did not get any of the Sotz products for nothing I paid for all of it and I did it as an investment. The monster mauls are nearly gone but I still have quite a few auto drafts and catalytic combuster add ons as well as replacements. I can be reached at

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