Other tools for processing firewood

by Chris

We rely on fallen trees and branches on our land for our Clearview 500 woodburner. I find that my Muckbox 4x4 powered wheelbarrow is invaluable for getting our corded timber from awkward places where a tractor cannot get to. I have got a flatbed attachment for the Muckbox so that I can recover about 200kg at the time. I then cut up corded wood, upto 100mm diameter, through my large cut-off saw. Far quicker and safer than using a chainsaw.

Chris, we too have an electric wheelbarrow - great for carting wood the couple of hundred meters from the shed to the house. One load does us for a couple of days with both fire running

Regarding a cut off saw being quicker and safer - perhaps, but the versatility of being to chainsaw to length in the field is important. When working in our coppice woods I can have a pole cut to log length in just a minute or so.


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