Caframo "Airplus" Ecofan 802 Review
Discontinued October 2012

The Airplus Ecofan 802 is the big brother of the ecofan family. It addresses some of the shortcomings of the original ecofan 800 the main shortcomings with the Ecofan 800 (its vulnerability to overheating) and substantially increases the airflow, and hence effectiveness, from 100cfm to 150cfm.

The three blade design of the Airplus has been carefully optimized to produce a broad swathe of warm air, as opposed to narrow, focused band. This is more comfortable and more effective at distributing the warmth evenly through the rooms than smaller or tighter wood stove fans.

Airplus Ecofan 802 Features

  • 150cfm air flow - 50% improvement on the original ecofan
  • Generates its own power - no batteries or mains connection needed
  • Starts and stops automatically as the stove heats up and cools down
  • Reduces fuel consumption - fewer logs needed as warmth is better distributed
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium construction
  • Inherently less prone to overheating than the ecofan 800

If you can afford the premium over the smaller models then the Airplus Ecofan 802 is probably the wood fan of choice - it boasts superior effectiveness, reliability, free operation (no batteries or power needed) and it looks damn cool.

The gold coloured fan blades and black sculptural cooling fins really makes it an attractive accessory for any woodstove and should be guaranteed to draw envious comments from your friends.

Update -Autumn 2012

Caframo have recently discontinued production of both the Ecofan 800 and the Ecofan 802. Some stockists still have end of line models at present. The newer models (Ecofan 810 and Ecofan 812) have replaced them and are available from stockists.