double barrel inside barrel woodstove

by jeff

30 gallon barrel inside a 50 gallon barrel. Air circulates around 30 gallon with squirrel cage fan located on bottom. Two outlets on top to hook up to air ducts. Works great!!! Way better than single barrel, or even barrel on top of barrel. Needed welding skills required to build. Thanks

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for this - I'm a little unsure of how this is supposed to work.

  • Does the fuel go in the central barrel?

  • How is the interior barrel supported?

  • You mention a fan - does this supply combustion air to the fire or force air to circulate through the gap between the two layers?

  • I've heard of designs that use two barrels but then fill the space with a layer of sand. The smaller burn chamber gives a more controlled fire and the thick layer of sand provides some thermal mass which regulates the heat and insulates the fire box (important for a good clean burn).

    Thanks, Mike

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Sep 24, 2014
Question about stove NEW
by: Ed Clark

This is exactly what I am working on now. My plan is to put the stove outside my house and connect the output duct to my existing house duct work (from a disconnected gas furnace) and have some type of blower fan to the input at the bottom. Have you built this and if so could you give any tips. Right now I am debating whether to make the 30 gallon drum a regular stove on it's side with a door or stand them up and make the 30 gallon a pocket rocket.

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