Barrel Stoves in a war zone

Croatia, 1994, Knin

One of the outposts has a barrel stove...and it was a life saver.

Much needed warmth, and a sense of security after a long patrol in the rain.

Lovely, cheap, effective tool.

Good example there of effective use of some very simple improvised technology technology. Old barrels are such a ubiquitous piece of waste that they are ideal for re-purposing in such situations. I've stumbled on an excellent cook stove design, for large institutions to use, that uses a pair of barrels and simple hand tools, to make efficient and clean burning stove.

Was your set up made using a barrel stove kit as described, or was it improvised in some other way?



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Jul 24, 2010
Similar situation in a war zone: Bosnia 92-95
by: Lola from


We had the same situation in Sarajevo during the siege (92-95). Since everything was run by electricity it all went down when the electricity was cut off - and it was cut off for most of the war. If it wasn't for the wood stoves it would have been even harder to survive. But there weren't a lot of stoves in the city at first, so the first winter in war we had to improvise and make our own out of different metals, old boilers, some even out of bigger cans.
In any case, it is in those situations that you really start to appreciate the simplest things in life, such as a wood stove.

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